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    When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness, it can be a difficult time. Dealing with insurance companies and fighting for the benefits you deserve can add to the stress.

    Unfortunately, chronic illness denial claims are common occurrences in the marketplace. This is why it’s important to understand your rights and know what steps to take to ensure you receive the full benefits you are entitled to.

    What is Marketplace Chronic Illness Denial Claim?

    Marketplace Chronic Illness Denial claim occurs when an insurance company denies a claim for treatment or medical care related to a chronic illness. Chronic illnesses can include conditions like diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, among others. Insurance companies may deny a claim for a variety of reasons, such as claiming the treatment is not medically necessary or that it’s experimental.

    Why does it happen?

    Chronic illness denial claims can happen for a variety of reasons. Insurance companies may deny a claim because they believe the treatment is not medically necessary, they do not cover the treatment or medication, or they believe the treatment is experimental or not proven to be effective. Additionally, insurance companies may deny a claim due to clerical errors, a lack of information provided, or missed deadlines.

    What to do after a Chronic Illness Denial Claim?

    If you receive a chronic illness denial claim, the first step is to review the denial letter carefully. This letter should explain why the claim was denied and provide you with the information needed to appeal the decision. It’s important to keep copies of all correspondence between you and the insurance company and any medical records related to your treatment.

    Next, contact your insurance company to get a better understanding of why the claim was denied. You may be able to resolve the issue directly with your insurance company. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you have the right to appeal the decision.

    How to File a Claim and Contact Your Insurance Attorney for Help?

    Filing a claim can be a complicated and overwhelming process, especially when dealing with a chronic illness. It’s important to have an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and fight for your rights. Your Insurance Attorney is a law firm that specializes in insurance law, including chronic illness denial claims. We can help you file your claim and appeal a denied claim.

    To contact us, fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our attorneys will reach out to you shortly. We offer a free consultation to review your case and discuss your legal options. If we take on your case, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay us anything unless we win your case.

    You are not alone

    Dealing with a chronic illness is difficult enough without having to fight for the benefits you are entitled to. If you are facing a chronic illness denial claim, remember that you have the right to appeal the decision. Contact Your Insurance Attorney for help and let us fight for your rights. We have the experience and knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of insurance law and help you get the benefits you deserve.

    We don’t get paid unless you do.


    Has your health insurance claim been denied? Have you been told that your insurance only covers a small portion of a required procedure?

    If so, then contact Your Insurance Attorney. We’ll never ask you for any payment unless we get compensation for you. You can trust that we are always 100% on your side and ready to fight for you.

    No matter what stage your claim may be in, it’s not too late. A denial doesn’t always have to be the final word. Let our skilled attorneys review your case.

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