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Dog Bite Claims

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Dog Bite Claims

Encounters with man’s best friend don’t always go as planned. If you or someone you love has been injured by a canine, then call a dog bite lawyer at Your Insurance Attorney.

With our compassion, legal knowledge and experience, we can assess your situation to determine whether or not you may make a claim against the dog’s owner. Remember that Your Insurance Attorney doesn’t get paid unless they win a settlement for you. This means that enforcing an insurance claim or even taking a negligent dog owner to court is a real possibility for you.

If you have suffered a debilitating dog bite and have incurred sizable medical bills, then you don’t have to struggle to pay those bills out-of-pocket. Receiving compensation from an insurance claim or a lawsuit will help you to replace lost income and restore your peace of mind.

Are Injuries from Dog Bites Common?

Statistics suggest that there are more than 90 million dogs and 327 million people in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 4.7 million people suffer dog bites each year. Accordingly, this demonstrates that 1 in every 69 people are bit by a dog every year.

Most of those dog bites aren’t serious as they don’t require any kind of medical care. Nonetheless, estimates state that there are about 800,000 dog bite injuries that do require medical attention every year.

In fact, the insurance industry says that in 2017 they paid about $700 million in dog bite claims.

Dog Bite Injuries and Homeowner's Insurance

If a dog bites you while you are on someone else’s property, then it is possible that homeowner’s insurance may help to compensate you for your injuries. Similarly, injuries received from dog bites that occurred in the dog owner’s car may be covered by their automobile insurance policy. Some pet owners even have animal insurance to protect them in the event that their dog bites someone.

Such insurance may compensate a bite victim for their injuries, in part at least. Even when homeowner’s, automobile or animal insurance do not apply, it still may be possible to bring a claim against the dog’s owner. 

Your Insurance Attorney has the necessary resources to determine whether or not the dog’s owner carries applicable insurance coverage and if that coverage is sufficient to compensate you for your losses.

What if You're Bitten While Working?

Workers sometimes are required to enter private property as part of their responsibilities. Mail carriers, utility workers and delivery people are just a few of these examples.

If these workers are lawfully on someone’s private property when they are bitten by a dog, then they may make a worker’s compensation claim. Working with Your Insurance Attorney will highlight all of the options that are available to you.

Damages that May Be Recovered in Dog Bite Claims

Your dog bite attorney will work hard to get you all of the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. The damages to which you are entitled may include:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

While some of these damages are relatively easy to quantify, others are not. It is difficult for an average person to place a dollar amount on things like “emotional distress” and “pain and suffering.”

This is one area in which Your Insurance Attorney can help. Our extensive experience representing the victims of dog bites means that we can assess the debilitating financial, emotional and physical toll that these attacks can take. From costly medical bills to permanent scarring, we are able to help clients determine the amount of compensation that is fair for their injuries.

Various Avenues to Recovery

When you work with a dog bite lawyer from Your Insurance Attorney, your injuries and the circumstances in which they occurred will be fully assessed and investigated. Moreover, we take the time to examine all of the possible avenues to recovery that may be available to you.

This means not only establishing that the dog’s owner has homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but also ascertaining if any other insurance policies may come into play. For instance, the owner of an apartment complex in which the dog’s owner rents an apartment can also be named in the claim or any lawsuit that is filed.

When your pain, suffering and medical costs are out of control, it is in your best interests to seek compensation from all parties that may have been responsible for your injuries. Your Insurance Attorney makes this possible for all of our clients.

Working with a Miami Dog Bite Lawyer

Seeking legal counsel may not be your first priority in the aftermath of a dog bite. It’s far more important to seek appropriate medical treatment and to begin the healing process.

However, even at this early stage, it pays to begin documenting the accident and the care that your injuries require. Before leaving the scene of the incident, make certain that you or someone with you obtains the dog owner’s name, address, phone number and other pertinent information.

If they are not forthcoming, then you may be well served by immediately calling the police so that a report can be filed.

Remember, the more documentation that you collect, the easier it may be to prove your claim and perhaps even prevail in a lawsuit if one is necessary. This means that it’s a good idea to hang onto any paperwork that you complete in connection with the dog bite, your medical records and bills, and any notes that you make regarding phone conversations.

Your Insurance Attorney will use all of these materials, plus the testimony of experts, to ensure that you get a fair hearing before the insurance company or the court.

Remember that we don’t get paid unless you do. Whether you have filed a claim, accepted a lowball settlement or just got attacked by someone’s pet, you need to call a dog bite attorney.


How much will I get as payment once my case settled?

Each case is different. It is not possible to provide a number, or even an estimate, from the onset of any case.

How does a personal injury case work?

Once you have completed your medical treatment, we will send a demand letter to the insurance company at fault, which will include all of your medical records and bills. Once the insurance company receives the demand, they have about 30 days to respond to our offer to settle with a counter offer or acceptance. We will then contact you to discuss the offer presented and what the next step would be in our negotiation process.

How long will my case take to finalize?

Every case is different. However, most cases take approximately 6 months to a year. If we have to file suit, it may take longer.



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