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If your Florida home was constructed before 1975, then there’s a good chance that it has cast iron pipes. These were a common home/building component back then, but if they are still in your house, then you may experience problems.

Anyone who believes that their home has cast iron pipes and that these pipes have caused damage is encouraged to contact a cast iron plumbing insurance lawyer. Your Insurance Attorney has represented dozens of clients with cast iron pipe insurance claims. Each of these clients was faced with a delayed, underpaid or denied claim, and they found the help that they needed at Your Insurance Attorney.

Cast Iron Pipe Claims

In recent years, Florida has seen an epidemic of insurance claims related to problems with cast iron pipes. These pipes were commonly used in sewage systems throughout the region for decades. Most of them were designed to have an approximate 50-year lifespan, but there are many cases of these pipes only being viable for about 20 years.

One of the most common problems associated with cast iron pipes is backups. A backup in a sewage line is a big problem for homeowners that must be immediately addressed. Unfortunately, insurance companies are reluctant to pay out for these claims.

Other signs of problems with cast iron pipes include unpleasant smells, particularly when close to water sources, and visible water damage on walls or ceilings. Failing cast iron pipes can also warp wood floors, damage floor and wall tiles, or stain carpets with water. 

It’s especially worrisome to note that eroding cast iron pipes can also taint the home’s water supply. This represents a serious risk to the occupants, providing a clear need for swift action.

How Do Cast Iron Pipes Get Damaged?

Cast iron pipes naturally break down over time, which is why they have a known, finite lifespan. However, several factors may contribute to shortening the useful life of these pipes. An especially humid climate like the one in Florida is responsible for much of this deterioration.

Other factors that damage cast iron pipes include environmental toxins, acidic sewage, improper installation or construction activities taking place in the neighborhood. 

Cast Iron Pipe Insurance Claims

When cast iron pipes are failing, homeowners may find themselves struggling against leaking sewage, health risks, annoying pest infestations and other issues. The repairs can be expensive, complex and time-consuming. It’s only natural for homeowners to expect that their insurance company will pay for those repairs.

However, cast iron pipe claims are not always as straightforward as they should be. While insurance companies claim to be on the consumer’s side, that tune changes when they are asked to settle a claim.

It’s not unusual for insurance companies to resist when they are presented with a claim. After all, their main reason for being in business is to turn a profit. If they paid on every claim, it would affect their bottom line. This is why their adjusters and claims department tend to work hard to either deny claims or make lowball settlement offers.

Work with a Cast Iron Plumbing Insurance Lawyer

It is simply a reality that insurance companies are experts in their industry. Their employees are experts as well. After all, they spend all day, every day, trying to save money to their employer.

What’s more, they realize that consumers aren’t as savvy about insurance policies and the law as they are. This makes it relatively easy for them to skirt their obligations or to misrepresent the terms of an insurance policy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all insurance companies are nefarious. Most of them are staffed with well-intentioned employees who really try to do their best for the client and the company. Unfortunately, that’s part of the problem. The loyalty of the insurance company employee is divided, which means that there will always be compromises, and most of those compromises will be in favor of the entity that signs their paycheck.

The upshot is that consumers need an advocate who only has their best interests in mind when it comes to insurance claims for cast iron pipes.

Call Your Insurance Attorney Before You Call Your Insurance Company

The cast iron pipes claims professionals at Your Insurance Attorney understand how distressing the damage caused by deteriorating pipes can be. Further, we’ve seen firsthand how frustrated people become when they feel that their insurance company is delaying their claim or when they are offered a far smaller settlement than they expected. Even worse are those occasions when a claim is completely denied.

Frequently, these lowball offers and denials come about as a result of a water damage exclusion or some other technicality. Studying the policy details may reveal that the insurance company is actually required to fix any water damage and pay to replace the old plumbing.

Insurance professionals are skilled at writing denials in such a way that it looks like the homeowner has no recourse. They may even ask an engineer or related professional to perform an inspection to say that the damage isn’t their problem.

However, it’s important to remember that these evaluations are not independent. That engineer has a contract with the insurance company. Can you really trust him to provide an unbiased opinion?

Hire Your Own Advocate

When you hire Your Insurance Attorney, you are engaging the services of a skilled advocate who has already handled many cast iron plumbing insurance claims. They will not only provide a prompt and thorough inspection of the property to determine the true extent and cause of the damage, but also represent you with the insurance company.

Because they know the law, have the power to file a lawsuit and are experienced negotiators, it’s frequently possible for Your Insurance Attorney to achieve a far better outcome than you thought was available.

It all begins with a consultation. Remember that Your Insurance Attorney doesn’t get paid unless you do, which means that we have a vested interest in seeing your claim be succesful.


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