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When you suffer a loss due to property theft or vandalism, it’s only natural that you feel vulnerable. Working with your insurance company shouldn’t make this feeling worse.

In an ideal world, you insurance policy would live up to the promises of your agent. You would receive timely and sufficient reimbursements for any covered losses that you sustained. 

Unfortunately, insurance claims for theft and vandalism rarely work that way. That’s mainly because insurance companies prefer to pay as little as possible on any type of claim. In fact, they’d really prefer to keep you paying premiums for a lifetime while they never pay out a penny in claims.

If you have suffered a loss through theft or vandalism, then work with a qualified, experienced attorney who will be dedicated to your interests. Your Insurance Attorney has the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure that your claim is handled quickly and fairly.

Losses Due to Theft and Vandalism

You may need the services of a vandalism claims lawyer any time you experience a loss or damage to your property. A broad range of damages may be included under this umbrella such as:

  • Broken windows
  • Spray paint/graffiti on walls/structures
  • Stolen electronics
  • Missing jewelry
  • Broken light fixtures
  • Stolen family heirlooms

Even if the damage is “just” the result of someone egging your house, the effects can be severe. Not only is there an economic cost associated with repairing or replacing any damaged or lost articles, but an emotional toll as well.

When someone steals or vandalizes your property, it feels like an incredibly personal violation. It’s not unusual for people to feel unsafe in their own home. They suffer from sleepless nights and constant anxiety. Enjoying common pastimes becomes impossible, but they figure that their insurance policy should at least help them to recover their material possessions.

When Insurance Claims Fail

Insurance agents are very adept at making customers feel well-protected and cared for when they are selling a policy. The customer may believe that they are covered no matter what sort of unthinkable situation arises. 

Unfortunately, many people see that sympathy and support evaporate when they file a claim. The process may even feel adversarial as the customer engages in a back-and-forth with the insurance adjuster and other company representatives. 

The customer believes that their loss is covered by the policy, but the insurance company doesn’t agree. They either offer a lowball amount that doesn’t come close to covering the damages or they deny the claim outright.

Contact a Vandalism Claims Lawyer

No matter where you are in the claims process, it’s sensible to stop everything and seek legal advice. If you call your insurance company first, make your second call Your Insurance Attorney. 

The reasons why are clear. You need an experienced legal advocate working at your side throughout the process to ensure that your insurance company deals with you fairly, ethically and legally. After all, you’ve been paying your insurance premiums every month. Now is the time for your insurer to make good on its promises.

A theft insurance claims lawyer not only reviews all of your losses and arranges for independent estimates of their worth but also reviews your insurance policy. They understand the legal language contained within these policies as well as the pertinent laws. This means that they can hold any insurance company accountable. If the insurance company uses delaying tactics, offers inadequate compensation or refuses your claim, then you need Your Insurance Attorney to take a closer look at the matter.

How to Protect Yourself from Theft and Vandalism

No one expects to need a theft insurance claims lawyer. Here are some things that you can do to protect yourself from such losses:

  • Maintain polite relationships with neighbors
  • Install a security system and cameras in and around your property
  • Keep all doors and windows closed and locked
  • Use strong exterior lighting
  • Keep your most valuable belongings out of sight
  • Tell only select others about your vacation plans

What to Do After A Theft or Vandalism

Most people don’t have to deal with losses due to theft or vandalism on a regular basis. However, this does make it difficult to know how to react when such a problem does occur.

The most sensible first step is to call the local police department. They will take your statement about what happened and conduct an investigation. Take your time going over your property so that you can note all of the missing or damaged articles. Maintain a list of these items so that none are forgotten.

The police will find this list useful, and so will your insurance company. Contact them once you are done with your initial interview with police to get the ball rolling on your claim.

You’ll want to go back to check the accuracy of the police report and your filed claim as soon as you get an opportunity. The more precise and thorough these documents are, the more efficient any action taken on them will be. Whenever possible, take pictures of the damage or look for existing photos of missing items so that you can prove your losses to your insurer. 

Follow Up With Your Insurance Attorney

Once the police investigation and your insurance claim are underway, it is a good idea to contact Your Insurance Attorney. The legal professionals at this office have extensive experience working with people on insurance claims.

You might think that you can’t afford legal representation in this matter, but that’s absolutely not the case. Your Insurance Attorney doesn’t receive a penny of compensation unless you do. Even then, we strive to keep our rates competitively low.

We take on cases for claims that haven’t been filed yet, and we also represent people whose insurance claims have been denied or for which they received a lowball settlement. That doesn’t have to be the end. Let Your Insurance Attorney review the case to see whether or not you may be entitled to additional compensation.


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