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Vandalism is a crime that can strike anyone suddenly and unexpectedly. The crimes of a vandal can potentially leave you with major costs on your hands, but luckily, you can receive compensation from your insurance company in these cases.

We at Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove have helped many residents of Miami receive help with their vandalism insurance claim fight for the compensation they deserve. Because of this, we highly recommend seeking the assistance of a public adjuster Miami residents can trust to help with your vandalism case. Here are some reasons why.

What is Vandalism?

When someone intentionally damages or destroys someone else’s property, that is what’s considered vandalism. This specifically requires that the property be defaced, marred, or somehow had its property value diminished in a way.

Vandalism is treated as a misdemeanor in most cases but can be escalated to a felony if the vandalism is severe enough. The general indicator of which crimes are a felony are for vandalism of property worth $500 or more. There are three main factors that contribute to a crime being treated as vandalism:

  • An intentional act
    • An act can only be vandalism if it’s intentional. Accidental damages or destruction isn’t treated as vandalism, but might still demand financial compensation.
  • Physical damage
    • The property needs to be physically impacted in some way. This includes defacing, such as with paint or signs.
  • Owned by someone else
    • You cannot vandalize your own property, and it must be property that’s damaged against the owner’s wishes. If you tell someone to paint your house and are unhappy with the results, you cannot legally claim it was vandalism.

Vandalism Insurance Claim

Regarding any kind of claim, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company. The truth about insurance companies is that they don’t care about your needs as a consumer. What they care about is ensuring they spend as little money as possible covering any damages for any client, thus keeping their own pockets filled.

After the claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster will show up to inspect the damages, and they’ll use their expertise to cheat you. What we mean by this is that they’ll use their knowledge to underestimate the value of certain repairs or replacement costs with the goal to minimize the expenses paid by the insurance company.

This is why locating a public adjuster Miami residents can trust is so important. Instead of them focusing on the needs of the insurance company, they’ll be focusing on your needs as their client–making sure you receive the highest value for the repairs and replacements you need to put quality above all else.

Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, they’ll be able to combat the expertise held by insurance adjusters and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Public Adjuster Miami

If you’re dealing with a vandalism insurance claim, contact us at Your Insurance Attorney. Our experienced attorneys will work to fight for your rights and not the pockets of the insurance company you’re faced with. Located in Coconut Grove, we can help clients in need throughout the Miami area.

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