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Broken Windows After a Theft? File a Claim Today

You just got home from a long day in the office. You pull into your driveway and head to the inside of your home. Just as you hang your car keys up, you notice a shattered window. Someone broke into your home. This is no good. What do you do now? Your Insurance Attorney is a property damage attorney who will ensure that your vandalism claim gets handled appropriately and quickly. We are here for you Miami.

We Got You Covered

When it comes down to it, most homeowners insurance policies will come to your aid if someone breaks into your house and damages or steals your stuff. We have a list of steps to make sure you are protected.

When a burglary first happens, your first thought after coming home and finding out you have been ransacked is unlikely to be to call your insurance company. Instead, you are probably thinking things like “what happened?” “who did this?” “Is it safe here?” All of which is very understandable. Unfortunately, you can’t really find answers to these questions. However, we do know what to do next.

What To Do With A Vandalism Claim

  • Call the police
    • And don’t stop there. File a police report, too. If you reach out to someone at your insurance company first, they’ll most likely require you to do both of these things (contact the police and file a report) before they’ll begin the claim process, so don’t waste your time or theirs until you’ve roped in your local law enforcement agency.


  • Contact your insurer
    • They should detail and explain what you need to do to get everyone involved started on your break-in and theft claim. If that’s not the case, or if you feel at all confused or unsure after your chat, don’t be shy about asking questions.


  • Review your policy
    • Bringing your insurer up to speed on the situation and getting the ball rolling on your claim is more important than almost anything else at this point, so start there. Pull out your homeowner’s policy and look it over.


  • Document or detail what was taken or damaged (or both)
    • Begin by making a list of all stolen items and damaged property. If you have a home inventory, refer to it. It’ll help you remember things you might otherwise forget, especially in such a stressful situation.


  • Work with the insurance adjuster
    • Your insurer probably will send an adjuster to your home to assess the situation and your loss. Don’t fight them. Be helpful. Let them inspect your home and property. Answer their questions and give them whatever information or documentation they need.


  • Keep your receipts if you can’t live in your home at any point during this process
    • You will probably want to review your policy and talk with your insurer before finding alternate accommodations, too. But more important than both of those actions is to keep any receipts associated with your relocation.


Call Our Property Damage Attorney

When it comes to finding the best outcome for a vandalism claim, we are the ones to turn to. We will keep you protected. Your Insurance Attorney is trained insurance lawyers who are here to make sure you are properly represented. Our experienced property damage attorney will make a difference. We are also a public adjuster Fort Lauderdale residents love. Call or visit us today for more information.  

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