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Do Insurance Companies Cover Shower Pan Leaks?

Is your shower pan leak covered by insurance? It’s possible for your shower pan to become damaged and leak into the flooring underneath.  This is a rare scenario that many homeowners might never anticipate. It’s also one of those weird grey areas where you might not be sure about whether or not your shower pan is covered by your insurance plan.

At Your Insurance Attorney, we’ve seen some of these cases over the years from clients in Miami-Dade county, and we can use that experience to help you understand what to expect. Let our property damage attorney shed some light on this questionable circumstance.

Hiring A Property Damage Attorney

First, you might be wondering whether or not you need an attorney at all. No matter what kind of claim, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company. The truth about insurance companies is that their priority is about themselves, and not about your needs as a consumer. What they care about is ensuring their pockets are as minimally impacted as possible by spending as little as possible on you.

After your claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster will show up to investigate the damages, and they’ll use their better understanding of the law in favor of the insurance company. What we mean by this is that they’ll use their knowledge to underestimate the value of the compensation you’ll need with the goal of minimizing the expenses paid by their client, the insurance company.

This is why contacting a public adjuster is so important. Instead of them focusing on the finances of the insurance company, they’ll be focusing on your needs as their client–ensuring you receive the best compensation for the repairs and replacements you need to put quality above everything else.

Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, just like the insurance adjuster, they’ll be able to fight the knowledge held by insurance adjusters and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Is Your Shower Pan Leak Covered By Insurance?

Typically, insurance companies in the States won’t cover the cost of failed items. In the example of a leaking shower pan, it would be considered to be a seperate, failed item to the rest of your home. In other words, your insurance likely will not cover the cost to replace the pan.

That said, if your policy covers water damage, then what likely is covered for you is any amount of water damage caused to the flooring underneath the shower pan. In other words, the pan itself wouldn’t be covered, but everything under the pan that got damaged would be.

One thing that’s important to mention in regards to all this is that your homeowners insurance attorney  will require you to attempt to prevent further damage from occurring once you discover the shower pan leak. It’s very important that you work at this because your insurer can deny you compensation if they find evidence that effective action was not taken to prevent further water damage.

Property Damage Attorney

Now that we’ve answered your question of “is my shower pan leak covered by insurance,” you may still need help with damages regarding the leak.

Contact us at Your Insurance Attorney for an attorney you can trust. Our professional insurance lawyers will work to fight for your rights and not the wallets of the insurance company you’re facing. Located in Coconut Grove, we can help clients in need throughout Miami-Dade county.

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