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Facts About Hurricane Roof Leaks & Fires

Common sense says that water can extinguish fire. So can water damage rank as a fire hazard? However, there is a definite connection between water damage and fire hazards. Your Insurance Attorney, a top public adjuster Miami residents trust, is here to inform you on the connection between water damage and fire hazards.

Read on to learn more about how water damage due to causes such as roof damage from hurricane exposure can ultimately become fire hazards. Call Your Insurance Attorney’s office in Coconut Grove for a consultation regarding a property damage case today.

Hurricane Roof Leaks Can Result In A Fire Hazard

Hurricanes often cause damage to the roof of a house, and water that drips in (whether from a slow leak or flooding) is able to damage walls and other parts of buildings. This subsequently affects electrical wiring in the house and other electrical components. If you are dealing with water damage or other damage related to a hurricane, it may be necessary to seek legal help from an insurance attorney to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Everybody knows that water and electricity don’t make for a good mix. Mixing water and electricity can result in anything from sparks and short circuits, to electrocution, to electric wires breaking and igniting wood, drywall, furnishings, or surrounding grass and other plants. Due to these dangers, it’s essential that you shut off the power immediately when water damage is detected, and particularly if there is hurricane damage.

Following a hurricane, if you discover a leaking roof or leaking pipes, it is usually quite simple to cut off the power at the breaker box. However, sometimes a part of the house floods too quickly and then the best thing to do is to get everyone, including pets, out of the building and contact emergency services. With the help of an experienced insurance attorney, you can navigate the claims process and receive the compensation you need to repair your home after a hurricane or other disaster.

Roof Damage From Hurricane Damage Can Be a Fire Hazard 

By the time leaking roofs or pipes are discovered, they typically have been leaking for some time, long enough to result in water damage. If electric wires are exposed to leaks, they can develop mold and corrosion, shorting the circuit and causing sparks that can end up causing a fire.

Your Insurance Attorney, a public adjuster Miami homeowners trust, suggest that homeowners and building maintenance managers periodically check for leaks with the following tips.

  • Some water meters have leak detectors and checking the water meter is one of the easiest ways to figure out if there is a leak in the plumbing
  • Check plumbing fixtures such as faucets, toilets, and under sink pipes for leaks
  • Check under the house for any standing water or moisture that indicate a leak
  • Look at the roof and ceiling crawl space for signs of water damage or mold 
  • Check walls for signs of water damage, and electrical wall outlets for water damage clues

It is also important to regularly perform fire prevention inspections of buildings and grounds, particularly following hurricane season. Prevention is always the best strategy when it comes to water, mold, or fire damage.

Insurance Attorney

If you are dealing with roof damage from hurricane impacts, it’s important to be proactive so that it doesn’t cause a fire hazard. Your Insurance Attorney is a top public adjuster Miami residents rely on. Call Your Insurance Attorney’s Coconut Grove office today for a consultation.

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