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If it’s smells like sewage, it’s probably sewage

If you’re hanging out in your house and all of a sudden start smelling sewage you know you are in trouble. It shouldn’t take someone like a personal damage lawyer to tell you that. The smell of raw sewage is enough the make anyone want to leave home, but ignoring this problem will only make things worse.

Not that anyone can really overlook the smell, but some people try to sweep issues under the rug or find quick ways to fix it without really addressing the problem.

According to Your Insurance Attorney in Miami, this is not a good idea when it comes to the smell of sewage. As a leading property damage attorney Miami, they have seen a lot of people with this problem who have tried to look the other way and ended up in bigger trouble than they started.

What a Property Damage Lawyer says about sewage smells

The minute you smell sewage in your house you know, there is a major issue. You should never smell the sewage inside your home and if you are it is because of an issue in your sewage system. Not only is the smell of sewage pretty unbearable, but it is also toxic.

Sewage is a hazardous waste that poses extreme health concerns for both kids and adults, which means as soon as you smell the first scent it is imperative that you call to get help. Trying to ignore it to see if maybe it’ll get better over time is not a good idea. This not only leaves your home open to damage, but it leaves your health in an unsafe state.

You may find yourself wondering what causes a sewage problem and there are a few different reasons you may be experiencing a sewage smell. If your septic tank becomes damaged or you haven’t stayed up to date with maintenance than you can state experiencing the smell of sewage in the home. If the smell has begun creeping in your house, a few things could be the main cause.

  • Your home has traps that prevent the septic tank gases from backing up into the house. However, if these are dried out or damage they won’t work properly allowing gases to flow freely.

  • If the temperature outside drops enough the plumbing vent can freeze, which could stop the sewage drainage from moving through them. This could easily cause a backup of a smell.

  • There is a cover over the sump pump’s basket that’s designed to create a seal for any smells trying to escape, but if the cover’s seal is ineffective, then you may begin to notice sewage odors leaking out.

If you’re still unsure about how to handle sewage odors in your home you should talk with a property damage attorney Miami so they can help you navigate the problem and figure out a plan.

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