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When the time comes to help an elderly loved one enter a nursing home or other care facility, it’s a momentous decision. Typically, the family spends weeks or even months researching the options.

This is because it’s imperative that the senior receives the best possible care. Despite all the research, the tours of nursing facilities and interviews with personnel, cases of elder abuse and nursing home negligence still occur.

If you or a loved one has been affected by abuse or negligence in a nursing home, contact Your Insurance Attorney today. Let our legal professionals support your fight for justice in the aftermath of a terrible situation.

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How Does Neglect Happen in Nursing Homes?

Neglect of elders in care facilities may occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the staff of the nursing home is inadequate in number and overworked. They cannot attend to all of the needs of the residents under their charge.

Neglect also occurs in care facilities in which the staff members are neither experienced nor well-trained. Simply put, these workers don’t know how to render essential services to residents.

Isolation frequently lies behind neglect in nursing homes. Sometimes, residents choose to isolate themselves for a variety of reasons. In other cases, staff members find ways to isolate residents from others.

Neglect may take many forms. The most common are physical, emotional and medical neglect.

What Is Physical Neglect?

Have you heard of elderly nursing home residents who develop bedsores? These pressure ulcers are one of the most frequent signs of physical neglect. They occur when constant pressure on the skin causes the sores to form. Residents who are confined to beds and unable to move for long periods of time are likely to develop this debilitating condition.

Bedsores can endanger the life of the victim as they become infected or begin to affect the tissue beneath the skin.

However, physical neglect in nursing homes may involve the failure to provide appropriate nutrition and hydration. Nursing home staff members who don’t help residents with basic hygiene needs also are guilty of physical neglect. The failure of the staff to clean rooms and other facilities is yet another example. It also is possible to allege neglect when nursing home residents are not provided with adequate supervision, which can lead to injuries and residents who simply walk away from the facility.

When nursing home staff neglects the residents, they tend to also neglect the facilities. With unsafe conditions abounding, it’s possible that Your Insurance Attorney could bring premises liability claims as well as claims regarding elder neglect.

What About Emotional Neglect?

Even if physical neglect is not occurring, emotional neglect can be just as harmful. Frequently, the two forms of neglect operate in tandem.

It’s the duty of nursing home staff to monitor the emotional well-being of residents. If a resident is isolating themselves or having difficulty relating with others in the facility, then the staff should be trained to address these issues.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur. If you believe that your relative is the victim of emotional neglect, contact Your Insurance Attorney today.

Nursing Home Medical Neglect

Many elderly people require a variety of medications that must be taken on strict schedules to ensure efficacy. Of course, it’s also critical that these medications be taken in the proper dosage. Nursing home staff is charged with understanding the medical needs of the residents and how to meet those needs.

When they fail in this duty, the staff members are guilty of medical neglect. If you have evidence that your elderly relative is not receiving their prescribed medications, contact Your Insurance Attorney today.

Nursing Home Abuse

The mistreatment of nursing home residents sometimes is more overt and purposeful than neglect. Abuse occurs when staff members take deliberate action to intentionally harm the victim. The facility and staff members may be held liable with civil claims, and it also may be necessary to pursue criminal charges.

Elderly people who are hit, knocked down, kicked, choked or otherwise injured by staff members are the victims of physical abuse in nursing homes. However, it also is possible to become the victim of emotional abuse. Typically, this involves staff members shouting at, insulting or making demeaning comments toward residents. Remarks that are sexist, ageist or racist similarly fall under the category of emotional abuse as is using threatening language.

Although it’s virtually unthinkable, sexual abuse occurs in nursing homes as well. This may consist of unwanted kissing and touching as well as forcing residents to view pornographic movies and even rape. If you believe that a loved one in a nursing home is the victim of sexual abuse, the time to take action is now. Call Your Insurance Attorney today.

It’s common for nursing home residents to have a wide variety of medical needs that must be met. When staff members intentionally ignore or otherwise fail to meet these needs, then medical abuse is occurring. Staff members who withhold or deny medication as a form of punishment also are engaging in medical abuse.

Not all nursing home abuse is physical. Sometimes, financial abuse can be just as disturbing and ruinous. This abuse may take the form of the theft of cash and valuables from the resident’s room. Other cases are less obvious, such as when an elderly person abruptly decides to sign assets over to a caregiver or makes them a beneficiary in a will. Some staff members may access money in the elderly person’s bank account or use their credit cards.

No matter what form abuse takes, it is always necessary to fight it with a claim for damages.

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