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Understanding Your Insurance Policy Is Important For Loss Mitigation

One of the most important things a homeowner can do is provide an adequate insurance policy for their home. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that everything inside, not just the building itself, is covered. Life happens, accidents happen, and natural disasters happen, make sure your home and everything in it is protected.

When disaster strikes, loss mitigation is important; a public adjuster Fort Lauderdale trusts can help assess the damage. If you are in the Miami area, Your Insurance Attorney can help you understand your insurance policy and get you on the right track.

What to Do When Disaster Strikes

Damage can occur anytime and for many reasons. It could be something accidental, something could break causing damage, or your property could be vandalized. Of course, living in the Miami area, the possibility of storm damage caused by tropical storms and hurricanes is pretty much inevitable.

All of these things would fall under different terms of homeowner’s insurance policies. In either case, it is essential to know what kind of protection you have and what it covers. Many insurance policies have specific provisions for natural disasters or ‘acts of God’ and other provisions for other kinds of damage.

Steps You Can Take Toward Loss Mitigation

Essentially, the mitigating of loss means that you are prepared if anything bad happens that could cause an unnecessary loss. Before disaster strikes, it is important to read over your insurance policy carefully; see what is covered and what isn’t.

Also be sure to take an inventory of your property- anything that is irreplaceable, high cost to replace, or anything with a serial number in case of theft is a good place to start. Once the disaster is over, and the damage is done, there are a few critical steps that will help when mitigating your loss and setting up claims.

  • Make a list of damaged and destroyed items
    • Include purchase price and replacement costs
  • Photograph or record damaged items to prove their level of damage
  • Keep a copy of any paperwork your insurance company sends you
  • Keep a record of contacts
    • Anyone you speak to about restoration, insurance claims, or property loss

It is essential to keep a record of everything, but it is also important not to overdo it. For example, when assessing the damage to your home and the cost of repair, only consult one restoration company at a time. Supplying your insurance company with different estimates could cause more harm than good when it comes to repairs. For the rest of your property, it is also important to find a public adjuster Fort Lauderdale can trust to make sure your best interests are kept in mind.

Your Insurance Attorney

If you have been the victim of a natural disaster, the entire claims process should be started as soon as possible. Look for a public adjuster Fort Lauderdale can depend on to get the ball rolling on your property claims. Make sure you are as knowledgeable as possible about the ways your insurance policy can help with loss mitigation. Call or visit Your Insurance Attorney so they can help you through the process of picking up the pieces and making things right.

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