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Lightning Insurance Claims & What An Attorney & Public Adjuster Need to Know

Insurance claims in general can be a tricky thing to figure out. This is why it’s so crucial for you to be informed regarding the general concepts of insurance claims in order to get the most out of what you’re paying insurance premiums for.

There are certain things that you need to know when it comes to lightning insurance claims. Even though the strategies and methodologies when it comes to adjusting a lightning damage claim are pretty much the same as adjusting that of other losses, there are certain parts of this unique peril that you will need to pay special attention to and also require specific expertise.

This is especially important in Orlando, which remains the lightning capital of the world. Read on to learn more about what you should know about adjusting insurance claims when to comes to lightning specifically. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claims adjuster attorney in the Miami area. Call us today for your insurance litigation needs!

What To Know About Lightning Claims

The majority of damage for lightning losses that do not result in ensuing fire loss comes from the electrical surge which results from the strike of lightning. The tricky part is that this damage is not always known right away.

Lightning can cause delayed, severe damage to appliances, electronics, computers, and equipment, phone systems, electrical fixtures, and the electrical infrastructure of your home or business. For the homeowner there may be far more resulting damage once it is identified and measured than you may initially think there is, which could include the temporary loss of use of the home or significant loss of revenue for businesses.

Where the electrical surge exactly happened can be an important point to determine. Top insurance claims adjuster Your Insurance Attorney notes that the majority of insurance policies will refuse to pay for losses that result from power surges that occur off premises.

You need to be prepared to deal with this issue if the insurance company brings it up. Moreover, a power sure and a lightning surge are like a square and a rectangle- different things that could overlap. You may need to get a lightning affidavit signed by your repair person for some insurance companies.

Lightning Insurance Claims Can Be Tricky

You will need to talk about the cause of the loss incurred by a lightning strike to your property and where it happened with your repair person in order to be in agreement and comprehend the reasoning of the origin of the damage on this important issue.

One of the major challenges in assessing and measuring the scope of damage from any electrical loss is to first determine the scope of damage to your property. Take inventory of the items damaged from the lightning strike and be sure to have evidence to present at hand to your insurance company.

A lot of the time it may be helpful to bring in experts to create a clear scope of loss determination for your insurance company so that you are fairly compensated for your loss.

Insurance Lawyer

When it comes to lightning insurance claims, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claims adjuster in the Miami area. Call us today for your insurance litigation needs today!

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