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Since 10/10/17 Many Hurricane IRMA Victims STILL Haven’t Received Compensation!

It is hard to believe that almost two years later there are people still waiting to have their Hurricane IRMA claims paid out. This is why Your Insurance Attorney, a property damage lawyer, has promised to help the residents in the Miami area get the money they deserve. It is never an easy thing to try to navigate the world of insurance claims, but having a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes is a great place to start. Keep reading to learn more!

Why are people still waiting for money from their Hurricane IRMA Claims?

Hurricane Irma can sweeping through in October of 2017 and shortly after the storm settled people found a property damage lawyer to help them understand what steps they should take to get the money they deserved to help rebuild and repair their homes. However, almost two years later some victims of the hurricane still haven’t received their settlement money and others who had their claims wrongfully denied.

There were hundreds of people who saw their homes completely destroyed from the storm and their yards filled with debris after the winds settled down, which left them in financial hardship. Things only got worse for a lot of them when they received a letter from their insurance companies denying the claims they submitted for the damage from the hurricane.

For example, one couple had roof shingles scattered throughout their yard and seventy days after filing their claim they got a letter in the mail from their insurance provider stating that “no storm-related damages were found during their investigation” and the company closed the file. This left them with extensive damage and no way to clean it up or fix it. A lot of people end up having to finance the repairs themselves because their claims were either denied or they are still waiting for their money to arrive. This has caused many people to not only have to take out a number of loans, but others have maxed out a number of credit cards just to get by and fix any damage that Hurricane Irma left.

On the other hand, insurance companies are saying that they are spending countless hours trying to ensure that all claims are filtered through and everyone gets the investigation and money they deserve. However, they need to be sure that they are filtering through all claims carefully in order to identify any abuse or fraud claims, which are common during such a high demand time. This extra due diligence has caused many homeowners to become frustrated with their providers because of the denials or delays that they are experiencing. A year after Hurricane Irma hit in certain areas only forty-three percent of more than 37,000 claims that were filed resulted in a payout from an insurance company.

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