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What To Do If Your Tires Have Been Slashed

It’s not uncommon for someone acting out of anger to resort to slashing the tires of someone else’s car. This is not only inconvenient, but also scary. Walking out to your car in that state can leave you worried about the intent of the individual as well as your current safety.

This is even more so if it’s dark outside. Once you’ve had a moment to assess the situation, you may be asking yourself, “does insurance cover slashed tires?” We at Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove of the Miami area have some good news for your. We have experience handling cases like this, and the truth is that a property damage attorney may be able to help you.

Why Seek A Property Damage Attorney?

First, you might be asking what an attorney has to do with filing a claim with your insurance company, especially for something like slashed tired. When you file a claim, an adjuster will come from your insurance company to inspect the damages and determine the compensation.

Normally with property damage claims, the adjuster is tasked with both identifying the damages while also trying to minimize the expenses the insurance company will pay. This can lead them to cheat and trick you to try and get you to settle for a less expensive compensation.

With slashed tires, it’s possible that this adjuster may try and find reasons to place the blame on you, such as claiming there’s no way to know you weren’t the one to do it to yourself for the money. In these cases, having your own insurance attorney will work to protect you from these attempts at denying you compensation.

Does Insurance Cover Slashed Tires?

If someone has intentionally slashed your tires, then the good news is that your insurance may be able to cover it, and your attorney will help you prove your case with your insurance company. That said, the best way to handle slashed tires is to try and prevent them in the first place. With this in mind, we have a few tips:

  • Try to park in well-lit areas
    • Typically, people will often avoid acts of vandalism like this when there’s a higher risk of getting caught. We’re more likely to break the rules when we think we’re unlikely to be seen. Keep this in mind when parking by staying toward well-lit areas where other people are likely to pass through. This makes it difficult for someone to attempt any form of vandalism, or even theft, regarding your car.
  • Consider motion sensor lighting
    • This is a tip for your home, particularly around your driveway. Motion sensor lighting flickers on when the sensor detects movement, and these systems are often quite sensitive. The sudden lighting can scare a would-be vandal, and hopefully scare them off. This is because people are willing to do things like vandalism are less likely to follow through when there’s a risk of detection.
  • Try adding security cameras to your car or home
    • A great way to deter someone from committing vandalism of your car is to showcase security cameras that could catch the would-be vandal in the act. This also helps you identify someone that does do something like slash your tires, which also helps with your insurance claim.

Property Damage Attorney

Now, you won’t need to ask the question “does insurance cover slashed tires?” because you now have the answer. In addition, utilizing these defensive tips will help you prevent others from performing vandalism on your car. If you have experienced this, though, if you need a vandalism lawyer the experts at Your Insurance Attorney are here to help throughout the Miami area. Contact us today for more information on our services.


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