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How To Handle & Avoid Forceful Insurance Adjusters

How much do you know about an insurance adjuster? What happens if you get an adjuster who is forceful or seems to be not on your side? The professionals at Your Insurance Attorney are here to make sure you get all the advice you need when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters. We are a public adjuster Miami residents can turn to. 

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An individual who is investigating a claim to establish whether the company is liable and to what extent. The investigation can include interviews of the parties involved, property inspections, and reviewing hospital records or police reports.

It’s important to note that the home insurance adjuster is a paid employee or independent contractor of your insurance company. Like any good employee, the adjuster’s goal is to protect the insurance company’s bottom line. From a financial standpoint, insurance companies want to pay the least amount of money they’re legally obligated to pay.

An insurance company may call their adjuster an analyst, a representative, or some other title. Whatever they call their adjuster, however, their main goal is typically the same: to evaluate your claim and close it as quickly as possible, for as little money as possible. This often results in homeowners disagreeing with the insurance adjuster and suspecting the estimate is too low.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

It is time to negotiate. Dealing with a home insurance adjuster is a normal part of making an insurance claim after a loss. If you’ve never dealt with a claims adjuster, however, then the process can be intimidating. Is the adjuster waiting for you to make a mistake? How can you maximize the payout from your insurance company? What items can you expect to be covered?

First things first, you shouldn’t be intimidated when negotiating with your home insurance company’s adjuster. Many insurance companies hand out a low initial offer because they expect the insured policyholder to negotiate or hire a public adjuster.

They might give you a low initial offer assuming you’re going to reject it. Delivering a low initial offer is a win-win situation for an insurance company. If you reject it, then they may have another, more reasonable offer lined up. If you accept it, then the insurance company avoids a drawn-out negotiation process, while saving money.

Call Our Public Adjuster Miami

Make sure you are fully informed when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters. You never know when you may need one. If your home has been damaged through some type of water damage, you have likely filed a claim with your insurance company.

This can often take quite a bit of time, and some insurance claims even get denied or paid insufficiently, which is unsatisfying and can seem unfair. As an insurance lawyer locals trust, we don’t sit around waiting to see how your insurance company is going to help you, we talk directly with them and let them know what exactly you are entitled to. Best of all you incur no fees unless you win! Call our property damage lawyer Miami today for more information. We are located in Miami-Dade County.


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